Client Reviews

Buyer - 2519 NE 82nd Street, Seattle - $415K

Cod did an amazing job helping us secure both these property's side by side, From the negotiations with seller and his agent, To fallowing up with all necessary inspections, title concerns etc. thanks Codi for a great job looking forward to working with you on the next one.

Buyer - 2525 NE 82nd Street, Seattle

Codi was amazing as usual, both in the negotiations with seller and his agent, as well as fallowing up with all necessary inspections, title concerns etc. thanks Codi for a great job looking forward to working with you on the next one.

Buyer - 315 NE 90th Street, Seattle - $1M

The fastest response times of any agent (in any industry) that I've worked with. Always ready to answer or chase down a question. Proactively points out what to watch out for or anticipate and catch early throughout the process. Felt like we were in good hands when we bought through him.

Buyer - 1921 Bigelow Avenue N, Seattle - $1.5M

Codi was amazing through our home search process and our closing. He gave us so much advice along the way, and was always happy to help us when we had tons of questions. He made sure we covered all our bases when it came to inspections, etc, and was wonderful at pushing to get us to close on time. As first time home buyers, it was such a relief to have Codi helping us every step of the way.

Buyer - 818 NE 96th Street, Seattle

Once again Codi did a supper job with the purchase of this property, most importantly in his great skill with staying in touch with the salling agent, making sure our offer hit excepted. Great job looking forward to working together on the next one.

Seller - 4005 NE 57th Street, Seattle

Thanks Codi for an amazing job.
As usual Codi did an amazing job as the listing Agent, the open houses, great communication with the buyers, the inspection process, staying in touch during the financing process, and finally the closing, we have used Codi many times and each experience has bin. A 10+.
All the best

Seller - 5113 40th Avenue, NE, Seattle $545K

Codi did an excellent job representing us during the sale of our townhouse. His knowledge of the Seattle real estate market and of our neighborhood was very impressive. He communicated frequently and clearly with us during the time of our sale.

John Gannon

Buyer - 3056 Magnolia Blvd W, Seattle - $1.4M

Codi provided outstanding service. He was always quick to respond and covered all the details and more. Codi has a warm, professional, fun demeanor and I would highly recommend him.

Buyer - 3906 W Briarcliff Lane, Seattle - $1.17M

Awsome guy to work with

Buyer - 1920 4th venue #2206, Seattle - $1.15M

Codi was great, professional and he stepped in where needed to drive resolution of issues. Simply great!

Buyer - 8750 Island Heights Lane, Mercer Island - $1.09M

Second time buying with Codi. Absolutely excellent service. Really patient, always quick in response and accommodate all the needs. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a[n] agent.

Buyer - 6719 23rd Avenue NW, Seattle

Codi was there every step of the way and extremely responsive, reliable and easy to get a hold of. We are first time buyers so many times we didn't know what to expect or what to ask - no problem because Codi would ask questions to the seller we didn't even think of and advocate for us. Highly recommended!

Buyer - Seattle, WA - $990K

Codi and his team were the best part of buying this house; they were clear communicators who were prompt, friendly, and highly competent.

They encouraged us to see a lot of houses, and not hesitate to use their time; I really appreciated that, as it let us buy with solid confidence.

I only have positive things to say here, and have recommended Codi to others; 10-for-10, thanks much!

Buyer - 588 Bell Street Unit #0406s, Seattle - $615K

Codi was awesome and was with us every step of the way in our home buying journey. He was at all the important meetings, was able to explain to us what some of things meant that we had questions about, and even made great suggestions/things to do along the way (such as home inspection after 11 months).

Buyer - 3012 NE 63rd Street, Seattle

I have done many transactions with Codi both selling and buying, and each experience has bin better then the next, Codi's knowledge of the market and attention to detail is top, if your buying a house in a multi offer situation he has the experience to navigate and to give you the best shot at getting the house.

Thanks Codi for all you do, and all the hard work.

Buyer - 588 Bell Street Unit #2305s, Seattle - $642K

Codi was a big help in calling our attention to important considerations throughout the process; from contract thru lending and recording/ move in.

Buyer - 588 Bell Street Unit #1401s, Seattle

This is our first home buying experience in US, Codi helped us through the entire process. We finalized on our home - however since we aren't familiar with process of buying home, we looped in codi. However codi encouraged to explore other options before fixing on first thing that we saw. Though it could result extra work for him, he did encourage us multiple times to explore options - that's when i got the impression that he really has our best interests in mind.

From then on - he helped us understand the documents/agreements through the process and guided on all relevant stuff. He was present on every dealing that i do with seller, so never felt alone in this. His attention to detail on inspection/documents verification is really impressive.

I would totally recommend Codi to anyone.

Buyer - 1418 6th Avenue N, Seattle - $825K

Codi was really responsive to all emails and was very proactive in communicating with listing agents to gauge interest levels on properties I was interested in.

With Seattle's current hot market, having someone like Codi that will give his input on appropriate pricing and different strategies is really useful. I think a home buyer can easily be caught up with a house and either overpay, or will constantly underbid relative to others and be disappointed when their offer falls through. Having him as a resource to help find and get the right house is invaluable.

Buyer - Northeast Seattle, WA - $660K

Codi helped us immensely with our home purchase. The market is very competitive, and we had to go through multiple offers. Each time, Codi was both professional and resourceful in providing insights into the situation, and Codi is always timely in his response to our questions. Upon reaching MA, Codi was there to work with all parties each step, and really stayed on top the process that helped us landing our home smoothly. We are extremely satisfied with Codi's service, would highly recommend him.

Buyer - Blue Ridge, Seattle, WA - $1.28M

Codi was knowledgeable to walk us through every details of our deal, but he was also very easy to work with. He respected our view and decisions so we did not feel pressured at all when doing our deal. He also negotiated very well, which helped us not only win an offer, but not having to pay too much over the next-in-line offers. He had all the right contacts, and twice he was able to schedule inspections one day before. In this market, we want someone like this, because we don't have a lot of time to make offers.

There were times when we could choose between alternatives (walk away from a deal vs. paying more), Codi presented us good information in a timely manner so we can choose well.

In the end, I believe this is the best experience one can find in a real estate agent: someone who is extremely capable, yet listen well to the needs of his customer.

Thank you, Codi!

Buyer - 4400 NE 68th Street, Seattle - $575K

Codi was once again amazining with this transaction, his knowladge of the market was spot on, in identifying the price that would get us the house, and of corse his skill in communication with the listing agent was perfect.
Thanks Codi

Buyer - 8 W Lee Street, Seattle - $1.29M

Codi was responsive and on top of everything throughout the whole process. I could not have been more pleased with our choice of a realtor in the process.

Buyer - 1415 NE 63rd Street, Seattle - $653K

Coding spent time to make sure we understood the process, which is a little different here from where we previously purchased. We had several other friends buying houses at the same time and they were confused when things didn't happen as expected. I was glad we had Coding to help us navigate. I was also impressed that on the day that we turned over the keys he was willing to stay as long as we wanted to walk through the house and talk about the remodeling options we had been thinking about. That's not something I would have expected when only paying half the commission! Overall, Coding went above and beyond and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Buyer - 4415 S Warsaw Street, Seattle

Codi exceeded our high expectations. He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, and, frankly, simply excellent. Pleasant to work with. Highly recommend.

Buyer - 2615 E Howell Street, Seattle - $565K

Being a first time home buyer, I could not have asked for a better experience, or a better agent. Codi was always two steps ahead and anticipated our every need. He gave honest feedback on the homes we were looking at and didn't pressure us into a decision. He even spent most of his day off on the phone with us as we were negotiating our offer. Our transaction coordinator, Mandy, was just as great and on top of every little detail that goes in to closing on a house.

Seller - 4107 240th Place SE, Bothell - $494K

Codi is very professional and kept us in the loop throughout the home selling process. He answered all our questions promptly and made the selling experience painless. I would highly recommend Codi's services.

Buyer - 2100 3rd Avenue #1502, Seattle - $453K

Codi was very responsive to all requests for information, even on his days off. I would certainly use Codi again as my agent for buying properties.

Buyer - 3104 Western Avenue #412, Seattle - $280K

I can never say enough good things about Codi (and Mandy!). He has been a big help, from the early stages of our house hunting to the final day of recording. He was always available to answer questions and very knowledgeable about the processes involved in purchasing a house. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Buyer - 6224 NE Princeton Way, Seattle - $825K

I have now purchased or sold seven property's with Codi, Codi has the perfect blend, of attention to detail, communication, understanding, ability to negotiate, swiftness, and has a tremendous understanding of the market.
Once again thanks Codi and I'm looking forward to our next transaction.

Seller - 1390 Par Place NE, Seattle

Codi was so personable and professional. A pleasure to work with. Thank you Codi!!

Buyer - 3924 Linden Avenue N Unit B, Seattle - $600K

Codi is everything that an agent should be -- he is knowledgeable, responsive, kind, patient, and just generally awesome. We would recommend Codi to anyone interested in buying a home -- we've already referred him to several friends and will continue to do so!

Buyer - 4544 NE Tulane Place, Seattle - $1.28M

Codi is amazing and is the best RE agent I've every worked with. He really fights for you. He wants to make sure you are happy, asks what makes you happy, and makes sure it gets done, whether asking the other side for these items, taking a call on his weekend or his off hours, pushing the bank to close on time, or to alleviate pressure or to provide extra information (he is very honest and spot on with his info) on your decision. Nothing is too small nor detail not important enough. He will not pressure you and looks out for you. If you mention something, it takes on meaning to Codi and again, he will represent you to the best of his ability. Highly recommended, and choosing Codi will make your buying process go so much more smoothly and you won't have much to worry about. That was our experience, thank you Codi!

Buyer - 112 N 41st Street, Seattle - $1.19M

Codi is a hands-on, details agent. He gets involved in your problems and manages them for you; couldn't ask for anything more. highly recommended.

Seller - 7051 34th Avenue NE, Seattle

Not only would I recommend Codi to a friend, I have recommended him to anyone that asks, this is the sixth time we have bought or sold real estate with Codi, and I'm more impressed each time, the respect other agents have for him is impressive, his people skils are top.

Seller - 114022 99th Place NE Unit #9, Kirkland - $685K

Code took care of almost everything to make the process of selling our home easy and painless. He gave good advise and we are happy with the outcome!

Buyer - 2607 32nd Avenue W, Seattle - $700K

Codi was always available, and helpful throughout the whole home buying process. Very professional, and would definitely recommend him to others!

Buyer - Ballard, Seattle, WA - $335K

Working with Codi and his team was great! We started off our search not knowing which area we wanted to buy in, and when we first met Codi he recommended we go on a lot of tours before even thinking about making an offer. This was great advise and we ended up finding the right neighborhood for us, and by the time we wanted to make an offer we knew a lot about prices in that area.

We spent about a month touring mostly with associate agents, who usually live in the area we were touring, so it was great to hear why they liked it there. Each of them was very knowledgable about the area, so we could ask all of the questions that are really hard to find answers to online.

We heard a lot of rumors about the market being really crazy and having multiple offer situations so we didn't expect our first offer to work out, but Codi recommended we make a full price offer with a quick expiration. It worked! We were under contract within a few days of deciding we were ready to make an offer on a place.

After we were under contract, Codi and Mandy guided us through the process and made sure we knew about all of the important deadlines. The best part about working with Codi is that he always kept us informed enough to make the right decision, but he never tried to persuade us to make a decision a certain way.

Buyer - 4823 NE 42nd Street, Seattle - $759K

We had an absolutely fantastic experience working with Codi for the purchase of our new home. This was our 3rd home we have purchased and hands down the best transaction with an agent. We had our hearts set on a house we knew would be very competitive. With a quick offer review date once the home hit the market, we did not have much time. But Codi quickly and calmly helped and guided us to make the best and strongest offer we possibly could. Not once did we ever feel like Codi didn't have our back. We know he did all he could to "fight for our offer" and ultimately got us mutual on the home. During our final walkthrough, an issue with the home was discovered, and once again Codi came through. Resolving the issue with the sellers and their broker, and making the situation right. Thank you, Codi!! We feel like we couldn't have done it without you!

Buyer - 926 N 71st Street, Seattle - $1.17M

I cannot say enough good things about Codi. He was fantastic from the very beginning and successfully helped us close a relatively complicated transaction involving multiple offers on a home, numerous back and forths with the seller, issues with inspections etc. Codi always looked out for us and prioritized our best interest (as opposed to a quick closing). He was upfront about his opinion and made us aware of the true market value of the house (which was quite lower than what the seller was willing to sell for and also we were willing to offer). I have personally worked with about 5 real estate agents in the past and I have never been as impressed with anyone as I have been with Codi.

Buyer - 3200 25th Avenue W, Seattle - $970K

We had a great experience with Codi. Thorough, patient, knowledgable and ready to connect whenever we needed him. He went above and beyond at every step of the process. We've already recommended him to several family and friends.

Buyer - 4604 34th Avenue W, Seattle - $733K

Codi was great at letting us manage our own search (we really wanted to guide that piece, as we started out with a broad set of parameters and used the touring process to help narrow our needs down), and was quick to respond to our requests for more information on properties we were interested in. When we found a house we loved, he helped us put together a great offer (that was quite complicated) against a really tight deadline. He offered sound advice and guidance, and was always on top of things as we worked towards closing. We really appreciated his approach and would definitely recommend him! He seemed more like an advocate and guide than a salesperson, which was a good fit for us.

Buyer - 500 W Republican Street, Seattle - $548K

Codi has been really responsive each time we needed him and gave us good advice's. Awesome

Buyer - 2440 E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE, Sammamish

My husband and I had the BEST experience with Codi and his team. We recently bought a house and he was there for us every step of the way… actually, always staying a few steps ahead – flagging deadlines for us, providing valuable counsel on how to deal with various issues, and truly looking out for our best interest. He was always prompt in returning calls, following through on outstanding issues. We highly recommend Codi to represent any buyer or seller.

Buyer - 3710 26th Place W #305, Seattle - $198K

Codi was knowledgeable and helpful at every step of the way. Very available and generally provided great advice. Also saved us some money in negotiations!

Buyer - 1413 15th Avenue #1, Seattle - $490K

Codi is an excellent realtor. He answered all my questions and always reach-out to ensure I have everything needed to make my decision. He was frank and voiced concern to bring things to my attention. Would definitely use him or recommend to others

Buyer - 7232 39th Avenue SW, Seattle - $436K

Codi was great to work with. He is extraordinarily responsive and worked with us patiently on four offers before we were successful. He is highly skilled in the negotiation and offer phase and always puts his clients first.

Buyer - 250 E Roanoke Street, Seattle - $750K

Codi Nelson was professional, customer focused, knowledgeable, and responsive. I couldn't have asked for a better agent!

Buyer - 3011 NE 69th, Seattle - $1.02M

Codi did a great job with negotiating for our home. He made sure we didn't over pay and kept things in perspective for us and the Builder. Since we did a pre-sale he was on top of making sure deadlines were met and that our interest were looked out for. I would definitely recommend Codi.

Buyer - 3404 23rd Avenue W Unit A, Seattle - $629K

Codi is EXCEPTIONAL! As a first time home buyer Codi walked me through everything and made me feel informed, extremely comfortable and well taken care of throughout the entire process!! He is always there for any questions working on the deal am to pm until all is complete. I highly recommend working with Codi!

Seller - 8034 36th Avenue NE, Seattle - $470K

As usual Codi was amazing, this is the fifth transaction we did together, and it went as smooth as Posible, listed on Friday, deal done by Monday, over asking price, Codi always has the perfect touch in all matters, I'm looking forward to many more transactions with Codi

Seller - 6536 Sycamore Avenue NW, Seattle - #695K

I have already recommended him multiple times to friends who are buying or selling. Codi is the most conscientious real estate broker that I have worked with. He helped me buy and sell a house, and he was great with both.

Buyer - Northeast Seattle, WA - $910K

Codi is very attentive, is there when you need him, and his vast experience shows in writing offers and getting deals done. It seems like he's pretty much always working - day, night, weekend. He also has a great attitude, which is remarkable for someone who is always working! He even managed to get a bit of cash back from sellers on closing costs post inspection, which we didn't think would happen.

Buyer - 6056 33rd Avenue NE, Seattle - $638K

Codi was absolutely great! We were first time home buyers who had a bad experience with our first realtor and after reading reviews about Codi had decided to go with him which was THE BEST DECISION we made. He was patient, honest, and always available to us (even on his days off). We could not have asked for a better realtor!

Buyer - Magnolia, Seattle, WA - #824K

Codi far surpassed those expectations and then some. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Seattle market and ensured that we didn’t overpay in this ultra competitive environment. He saved us multiple times and we ended getting the home we wanted for much cheaper than we expected (and even got us some extras). He was stellar with his communication all the way through and was always available, regardless of the hour, day or if it was his actual day off or not. (I honestly don’t know when he sleeps, he definitely doesn't take any days off as he would keep me updated on status of our complicated purchase even when he was supposed to be off). Overall, I cannot say enough nice things about Codi and the way he handled our purchasing process. Any other realtor would have given up long after Codi kept working and trying to ensure we found and were able to purchase the home that was right for us. He was always positive, motivated and patient, which made the normally stressful experience so much better. Codi played a major role in that, thank you!

Buyer - Magnolia, Seattle, WA - $870K

Codi did a great job for me. As a long time resident of Seattle, who moved away and then returned, I knew the neighborhoods I was interested in. In the hot market of last year, I put offers in on several houses. It was always stressful as we pre inspected all of them and were always bidding against multiple offers. Despite that, I never felt pressured, and Codi always worked hard to get the offers in on time.

Seller - 5010 37th Avenue NE, Seattle - $621K

Codi and his team were there with us through every step of the process. From pricing, preparing the home, marketing, receiving offers and closing. His expertise was apparent in pricing our home strategically, and then he literally hit it out of the park helping us navigate through multiple offers and making sure we got the most money, strongest offer and ideal closing date. Couldn't ask for anything more then that! Plus, sitting in Escrow and seeing the amount of commission that was refunded back to us was just icing on the cake. We couldn't imagine selling our next home with anyone else.

Buyer - 3440 NW 65th, Seattle - $1.12M

Codi is an absolute pleasure to work with. He was knowledgeable, always on top of things and a big advocate on our behalf. Even after the deal closed, he continued to help us coordinate the finishing touches. Codi went above and beyond our expectations, I look forward to working with him again.

Buyer - 1259 Denny Way #114, Seattle - $355K

Codi has been very patient and helpful through my house hunting journey which took almost 1.5 years. Definitely recommend him to anyone who appreciates a no pressure broker.

Buyer - 5055 37th Avenue NE, Seattle - $442K

As usual Codi was amazing, this is now the third investment property I purchased with Codi, and his attention to detail, communication with sellers agent, is excellent.

Buyer - 8781 15th Avenue NW, Seattle - $615K

Codi is FANTASTIC! We had complete confidence in him throughout the buying process and were consistently pleased with his knowledge, communication, and timeliness. He provided great insight, coached us on all aspects of the purchasing process, and answered every question we asked with great detail. I highly recommend him and his team!

Buyer - 17065 10th Avenue NW, Shoreline - $808K

This is the fifth house that we have purchased. Codi provided the best service that we have had from a realtor. He walked us though each step, always checking to make sure that we were comfortable with the big decisions that we were making. He kept track of the process and made sure everything was done on time. We HIGHLY recommend Codi.

Buyer - 5224 36th Avenue NE, Seattle - $720K

At the beginning of searching for a real estate agent, a friend of a friend recommended Codi. We could not thank her enough and could not be happier about our decision to work with Codi. In the current real estate market in Seattle, home purchasing can be frustrating and discouraging. But we really feel like Codi had our best interest at heart. Codi is extremely professional, responsible and trustworthy. He is always accessible, and he will help you craft a very competitive offer but he will never ask you to do something you don't feel comfortable with.

Not only has Codi earned our business for the future 100%, we would also strongly recommend him to everyone!

Seller - 1758 Dexter Avenue N Unit #1, Seattle - $317K

Codi (and his team) are absolutely amazing!

They are attentive, detailed, thorough, and truly have your best interests in mind during the entire process. I really couldn't think of anything I was left wanting for... Every little detail was taken care of. I was always kept really well informed of deadlines, progress, and updates during the sale process, no matter how nuanced or minor they were.

If Codi is still in the business next time I do this I will definitely be using him! I couldn't recommend him more or speak any higher of him!

Seller - 4757 34th Avenue NE, Seattle - $1.25M

The whole experience was perfect, the pictures; each weekend an open house stimulating a ton of interest in the home; reporting and updates; and finally Codi is so professional in dealing with buyers and buyers agents.
Codi thanks, and looking forward to our next transaction.

Buyer - 4217 Fremont Avenue N #4, Seattle - $535K

I would definitely recommend Codi. He made sure not to pressure us on any decision. He did a great job of simply telling us the pros and cons and then asking how we wanted to proceed.

Buyer - 2601 40th Avenue W, Seattle - $1.65M

Codi has been the most helpful real estate agent. It was major luck to get him, as he was randomly assigned to the house we wanted to see. Since then he showed us many houses, worked around my baby’s sleep schedule, and has always been very gracious about it. I never felt the push on any house or clause etc. not like other agents I met during the open houses. No hard sales here, just pleasant decent interactions. He was like a personal assistant to get you what you want rather than a real estate agent trying to sell you a house. He is also very knowledgeable, and if he doesn’t know something, he is great at searching and letting us know the answers. I wanted to make sure I understood what I was signing, Codi is not a lawyer and neither am I. So, I also hired a real-estate attorney to look over the contracts to cover all the bases and Codi was great working with him - so we ended up with an awesome team, air tight contracts, and fast painless closing. I don’t usually give stellar reviews so let me give you some solid examples, and you can decide yourself. In addition to the things above, he let us know when and how to act during the offer process - timing was the essence in our situations. He made many calls to arrange inspections, rearranged if was necessary, got quotes, was always at the house with the inspectors, suggested solutions/people who can solve the issues, talked to seller agents frequently throughout, managed the escrow company people, and he even brought the keys to my condo 9pm at night after we closed the deal. I don't know, maybe these are standard treatments in Seattle, but it certainly felt like first class all around. To be honest, I was not sure I could handle buying a house because of the paperwork, interactions, deals etc.; it all looked so daunting to me, but Codi made it happen seamlessly.

Buyer - Sammamish, WA - $315K

We appreciated Codi's expertise in helping us with our recent purchase, potentially saving us some money in negotiating the purchasing price.

Buyer - 13773 30th Avenue NE, Seattle - $424K

My fiancé and I had a great experience buying our home with Codi. He clearly explained every step to us so that we were comfortable at each stage of finding and closing on our home. When we found the home we wanted, Codi worked with us to quickly put together a competitive offer, getting us into our first choice home. I highly recommend Codi.

Buyer - 9247 47th Avenue SW, Seattle - $889K

We couldn't have been happier with Codi and his team. He was always available to answer our questions (even out-of-hours). We had a few issues with the title insurance company in closing and Codi was like a bulldog in making sure that they got their house in order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Codi.

Buyer - Issaquah, WA - $765K

Codi was extremely helpful and always available. We are first time home buyers and the entire process was new to us. He helped us with all our questions and made the process easier. He also mediated on our behalf with the sellers when we had some concerns and finally ended with a very smooth closing. He has a good team of people who step in when required during the process.

Buyer - 9703 117th Place NE, Kirkland - $500K

Codi was great and extremely knowledgeable about the areas that I was interested in as well as the process that I needed to go through to close on a house in this competitive and fast market. Codi was able to quickly leverage his knowledge of the area, market trends, advantages and disadvantages of certain neighborhoods and offer extremely valuable guidance in finding a home. Codi was also able to quickly let me know what it would take to win a bid in this market, what to consider around inspections, counter bidding comfortably, and identifying what was out of the norm. Codi’s knowledge and guidance was extremely important in removing ambiguity and clarifying risks so that I understood all aspects and stayed within my comfort level. I was also very impressed with how organized and on top of everything Codi and his team are, they set expectations for each step in the process, stayed in constant communication with me, and kept me and all the various partners on track and moving forward at an aggressive pace.

Buyer - 1221 Minor Avenue #711, Seattle - $277K

It was wonderful to work with Codi. Even though he came in half way through our search process because our original agent went on holiday, the transition was almost seamless. His quick thinking and responsiveness allowed us to win a competitive bidding war to get the home we wanted.

Buyer - 2821 2nd Avenue #802, Seattle - $658K

The purchase of my condo was easy, Codi advised on every step and helped with unfamiliar things. I am a foreigner and Codi was patiently explaining all the new items. Great experience!

Buyer - Central District, Seattle, WA - $443K

Codi was amazing. This was our first home purchase, and his expertise, responsiveness, and willingness to go above and beyond (we once were talking with him on the phone around midnight!) far exceeded our expectations. He's even kept in touch with us almost two months after closing to make sure everything is going all right. Would definitely recommend him to my friends!

Buyer - 2406 E Helen Street, Seattle - $691K

Codi was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. He seemed a bit overloaded with clients, but he managed it well.

Buyer - 9009 27th Avenue NE, Seattle - $775K

After making several competing offers, we finally got one on this competing market! Codi was extremely helpful during the whole buying process. We are not familiar with many items as foreigner and the first time buyer and Codi was extremely patient and explained everything very well. He is highly professional and knowledgeable. He advised us on offer strategy and gave us a great Home Inspector. He made sure everything is completed even after closing. What a great experience. I would recommend Codi without reservation to anyone who plans to buy a home.

Buyer - 2600 2nd Avenue #307, Seattle - $320K

Codi is extremely customer focused. I had a road trip planned during the closing time and Codi went out of his way to accommodate the needs and make the whole buying process a smooth and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Codi to anyone who is considering buying a home in Seattle.

Seller - 780 96th Avenue SE, Bellevue - $925K

Codi was outstanding in every way
He is highly professional , energetic, hardworking , and imaginative.
He was absolutely on the job and got the job done on the most advantageous terms. It was a difficult project but he brought to a very satisfactory conclusion where as others had failed
He is in brief , the best
I would recommend him without reservation

Buyer - 2333 43rd Avenue E #202, Seattle - $415K

I have already referred Codi to 2 people, one who has used him.

Buyer - 3016 31st Avenue W Unit B, Seattle - $505K

Best real estate agent I've ever worked with! Provided reliable advice, always on time, thorough follow-up. Just great!

Seller - 17855 149th Avenue NE, Woodinville - $445K

I have already recommended Codi to friends with great results!

Buyer - 170 Mount Quay Drive NW, Issaquah - $765K

Codi was always responsive, answered all the question and concerns we had. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. My husband and I were purchasing our first house, and had an abundance of questions just needed someone to help walk through the process. Codi was always available (even on his days off) or late at night which is extremely valuable when in the process of buying a house.

Buyer - 15839 84th Avenue NE, Kenmore

Codi has really gone out of his way to provide support. This whole process has not been easy given the competitive nature in the market place today.

Seller - 14752 112th Avenue NE, Kirkland - $425K

Codi did a great job with coordinating our listing and showings. He was very helpful in dealing with the buyers and was always responsive and available.

Seller - 133 22nd Avenue E Unit B, Seattle - $392K

Codi met me after an unsatisfying session with the agent I bought my condo through. She was a completely different personality once she was on the sell side. Codi just worked with me from where I was at. He listened and handled everything according to my wishes. Of course, it helps to be in such a good market, but Codi was just what I needed.

Buyer - Downtown, Seattle, WA - $705K

We'd been working with Codi for over a year trying to find the perfect place and he's given us brilliant advice every step of the way. On one house, he advised us the price was above market and we weren't in love with it, so we offered under list and lost the house - but were really happy we didn't over pay. On another house he advised us it would be competitive and the price was at the top end of our range, so we passed and the house sold way above list. On the house we bought, he negotiated hard for us and we wound up closing for a price under what we offered because Codi completely outclassed and outsmarted the selling agent and we were able to renegotiate the price down as a result of some financing issues. Codi clearly knows the market really well, has seen every type of deal and situation, is a brilliant negotiator and is way smarter than any agent I've ever seen. Needless to say we highly recommend Codi.

Buyer - 8034 36th Avenue NE, Seattle - $430K

Codi is a real pleasure to work with, he is smart, informed, experienced great knollage of the current market, he is always calm, has good strategys.
I have now closed two homes with Codi, and made several other offers, each time Codi has bin excellent.
If your buying or saling a home use Codi you will be very happy.

Buyer - 4903 2nd Avenue NW, Seattle - $500K

He was able to submit offers and other paperwork almost at a moments notice. He was very prompt and responsive to our requests which I think is paramount to buying a house in this market. He was able to navigate us through this tight market flawlessly. Many of the listing agents we dealt with on our offers were unresponsive to inquiries, difficult to work with or flat out rude, which made us feel that much more lucky to have Codi on our side. All the associate realtors were great and knowledgeable.

Buyer - Northwest Seattle, WA - $913K

It took us over four months before we managed to buy our home. Codi wasn't the first agent we worked with. What we liked about him was his honesty, patience, responsiveness and most importantly his temperament or demeanor in what was a mostly frustrating search process in an overheated market.

He kept us grounded - urging us never to get into meaningless price escalations or pre-inspections. His contracts were always very water-tight in terms of contingencies - he never advised us to waive them. One of the things we feel satisfied about our purchase was that we bought it on our own terms - without feeling rushed at any point by anyone, and Codi can take credit for that. In fact, the whole reason we got the house was because he was ready with a backup offer when the first (much higher offer) fell thru. He works very hard but he always responded to voicemails and emails very promptly. He was plugged in all thru the offer process and closing process

Buyer - 7322 21st Avenue NE, Seattle - $1.1M

Codi and his team were great! No pressure from anyone, but always available when we needed them. Very knowledgable and able to answer all our questions. Helped us write a backup offer for a house when we were a little too slow to be first in line. When the primary offer fell through and we got the house we were thankful we had listened to Codi

Buyer - 10010 8th Avenue NE, Seattle - $470K

Codi was great. He was very responsive whenever we had questions about the buying process. He was willing to work with our work schedules and sometimes met with us when it was technically his day off because it's what worked best for us.

Buyer - 3035 SW Manning Street, Seattle - $531K

Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent overall experience!

Buyer - 1920 4th Avenue #308, Seattle - $754K

Codi was amazing! He was always easy to contact when needed, and always found a way to make an appointment work at whatever time we needed it, even if it was on very short notice. He did a great job with getting information from the seller and with negotiations, and I feel like he got us the best possible deal. His advice was always spot on, and I never felt like he was trying to push us into anything we didn't want. Bottom line -- if you have a chance to work with Codi, don't hesitate!

Buyer - 4515 W Raye Street, Seattle - $880K

Codi was VERY responsive throughout the entire process and a great guy to work with! We made multiple offers on several houses, including multi-family properties, and a couple bidding wars, and Codi worked very hard to advocate for us at every turn and to get the paperwork done as quickly as humanly possible. He was really helpful and thorough with my many questions as a first time homebuyer. He is a wealth of knowledge about every step of the buying/selling process and about the Queen Anne/Magnolia market. He also has a great demeanor when approaching the "other side" (in our case, the Sellers) and their agents with issues that are points of negotiation.

Buyer - 4515 W Raye Street, Seattle - $880K

Codi was VERY responsive throughout the entire process and a great guy to work with! We made multiple offers on several houses, including multi-family properties, and a couple bidding wars, and Codi worked very hard to advocate for us at every turn and to get the paperwork done as quickly as humanly possible. He was really helpful and thorough with my many questions as a first time homebuyer. He is a wealth of knowledge about every step of the buying/selling process and about the Queen Anne/Magnolia market. He also has a great demeanor when approaching the "other side" (in our case, the Sellers) and their agents with issues that are points of negotiation.

Buyer - 2511 Nob Hill Place N, Seattle - $785K

Codi was fantastic throughout the entire process. We helped us find the perfect house and then coordinated with the seller on multiple occasions to answer our questions and to get us access for contractors and other quotes. Even after the sale was completed Codi has followed up with us and the seller about last minute questions. We would strongly recommend Codi as a broker and use him ourselves in the future.

Buyer - 2346 45th Avenue SW, Seattle - $639K

Codi made buying the house very simple. He spent time late at night in order to get the offer submitted.

Seller - 3047 37th Avenue W, Seattle

Through the process we came to realized the kind of agent Codi is. He is always available, thorough and a delight to work with. So when it came time for us to sell our old home, it was a no-brainer to engage him again. If we sell our condo we will definitely use him again.

Buyer - 3710 W Armour Place, Seattle - $669K

Codi was excellent. He was very responsive, very upfront and honest with his thoughts on the various properties we saw, and extremely helpful both while we looked for a house and throughout the buying process. . Everything worked seamlessly, from using the website to schedule visits, to working with the associate brokers, to working with Codi, and then Codi's team after we put in an offer. Whenever we had a question, there was an answer a phone call or email away.

Buyer - Bellevue, WA - $430K

I appreciated working with Codi. He's knowledgeable and professional. Communication was great and he was available and always followed up on questions or issues. I highly recommend Codi.

Buyer - 1508 California Avenue SW Unit E, Seattle - $500K

Codi was amazing! He was patient, organized, knowledgable, responsive- could not recommendation a better guy!

Buyer - 2125 Westlake Avenue N #301, Seattle - $350K

Codi was exceedingly helpful and patient through a protracted offer and closing process. He was out in front at every step and quick to answer all my questions. I'm certain I wouldn't be moving into my new home without him.

Buyer - 2316 Nob Hill Avenue N, Seattle - $1.11M

In an ultra competitive market, the main factor in us ending up with our dream house was Codi's performance. We bid on three houses with Codi and won two of them. The first one we won, we ended up walking away from due to severe defects uncovered during inspection. Codi stayed upbeat and positive, even though he invested a significant amount of time and effort into our first winning offer. We ended up finding another house shortly thereafter and beat out three other buyers for our house, including a couple who flew in from San Francisco to put in a cash offer. We had no contingencies in our offer and an unexpected last minute delay threatened to have us miss our closing date. Codi kept the pressure on our lender and helped us close on time. I think Codi actually has clones of himself - that's the only logical explanation for how available he seems to be for questions and help. His understanding of market trends and ability to predict terms of competing offers was the secret weapon we needed to win our dream home. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Codi - we couldn't have done it without you!